Is it better to be dilated or to have the Optomap Retinal Exam?

Both tests give the doctor the ability to detect vision threatening eye conditions but for routine examination Optos is preferred due to its lack of side effects such as blurry vision and light sensitivity.


Why doesn’t my insurance cover the Optomap Retinal Exam?

The Optomap Retinal Exam uses state of the art technology not available at most offices, therefore most insurances cover a large portion of the cost but not the entire cost.


What is the difference between vision and medical insurance?

Vision insurance only covers routine eye exams but it does not cover the treatment of medical conditions such as dry eye or glaucoma. We like to gather each patient's vision and medical insurance information so that we can make sure your visit is covered whether your reason for coming in is medical or vision related.  


How often do I need to get an eye exam?

Our doctors recommend a comprehensive eye examination on an annual basis for all patients.  


How long is my prescription valid for?

Contact lens prescriptions expire after 1 year in the state of New Jersey; glasses prescriptions expire after 2 years. 

If I have a red, painful eye can I be seen at your office?

Yes!  Our optometrists are medically trained and are able to diagnose and treat eye diseases and eye injuries.

Can I order contact lenses at your office?

Yes!  Most contact lens orders at our office are eligible for free shipping.  We offer competitive pricing on all contacts and many are priced at our below leading online and retail competitors.

What is the youngest age you see patients in your office?

We see patients of all ages starting from 6 years and older in our office.