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Our doctors are proud to fit only the newest and latest contact lens technology available.  We work with all of the most popular contact lens brands, including Acuvue(Johnson&Johnson), Bausch and Lomb, Cooper Vision, and Alcon.  In addition to fitting lenses of some of the most popular manufacturers, our doctors also fit specialty lenses, for patients that require more complicated fits. 

Contact lens prescriptions are only valid for one year in the state of New Jersey.  The standard of care is to perform a contact lens evaluation annually to assess eye health and appropriate lens fit.  Your insurance company may or may not cover the cost of a contact lens evaluation.  

The professional fee for this service is anywhere from $90-$200, depending on the complexity of the lens type.


  • Spherical: $90

  • Astigmatism/Toric: $120

  • Multifocal or Monovision: $150

  • MiSight Myopia Management: $200

Included in the professionals fee:

  • The contact lens evaluation performed by the doctor

  • A complimentary pair of diagnostic contact lens trials

  • Any contact lens follow-up care that is required within one month of the date of your evaluation. 

Please note, an additional $20 fee will be assessed for any further follow-up care that takes place one month following the initial evaluation date.  A new comprehensive exam and contact lens evaluation will be required to make any changes to the contact lens prescription three months or more following the initial evaluation date.  If you choose to have your contact lens evaluation performed at a later date from this visit, you have up to three months to return for the evaluation.


Schedule your contact lens evaluation today to see if you are a good candidate for contact lens wear. If you are already a contact lens wearer, our doctors will prescribe you the latest in contact lens technology, making sure you are seeing your best and wearing a lens that will give you all day comfort.

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